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Telecom Expense Management Experts

Aiming to reduce risk and cost, Clay Telecom offers Telecom Expense Management services to manage voice, data and wireless environment of the clients. We provide support services to collect all telecom invoices, and audit them regularly to identify areas for savings. In addition, we also take care of inventory management, recovery, contract negotiation and cost allocation for our clientele.

Manage your International Telecom Expenses

An ultimate way to travel abroad while staying in contact with friends, family and colleagues is to buy a tailored package of voice and data mobility solution. We act as a cost management consultant to manage your international telecom expenses. Our cost-effective plans ensure uninterrupted connectivity with people back in India, while saving up to 90% on your international roaming expenses.

Join Hands with us

    Join hands with us to benefit from our services while travelling abroad in the following ways:

  • Tailor-made Solutions
  • Availability Across Geographies
  • Make Secure E-transactions
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • No Hidden Expenses
  • Dedicated Web Portal to Ensure Transparent Processes
  • Regular MIS Reports
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