Data Cards & Mi-Fi Services

Pocket-size & Pocket-friendly International Data Cards

Get faster access to the internet by using our Clay Data Cards and Clay Mi-Fi Products. We, at Clay Telecom, provide 3G data plans to facilitate people browse internet during their travel abroad. We have attractive data card and pocket Wi-Fi packages available to meet specific needs of globetrotters. These data cards are regarded as a best substitute of international data roaming cards.

Countries Covered Under Data Cards and Mi-Fi Plans:

Clay Data Cards

Our international 3G data card plans allow travellers an instant access to the Internet by connecting their data card with multiple devices. At Clay Telecom, we provide country-specific data card in 21 locations and World Data Card in over 125 countries. As the Clay data cards can be directly plugged into your laptop/tablet, you do not need a mobile phone to stay connected.
Data Cards


  • Portable, Plug-and-play Device
  • Hassle-free 3G Connectivity
  • Access Internet While Travelling
  • Customizable Data Packages
  • No Software Installation Required
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices

Clay MI-FI Products

Clay Telecom provides Mi-Fi products to allow group travellers access internet in a group to scale down their internet expenses. Mi-Fi is a portable, pocket-size Wi-Fi device that is connected with multiple devices to enable you faster internet experience together. Instead of international roaming data card, it is a suitable product for group travellers who can access the internet by paying only for a single user. We provide Global Mi-Fi Services in morethan 125 countries and country-specific clay telecom Mi-Fi Services in 21 countries. Our customized rental plans make your high speed internet experience more enjoyable and affordable.


  • Pay for a Single User and Enjoy
    Group Connectivity
  • Ready-to-use Pocket Wi-Fi
  • Superior 3G Speed Internet
  • Shop Online
    Where will you be travelling?
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