Malaysia Prepaid SIM Cards Overview

Enjoy Free Incoming Calls !

Enjoy freebies with Malaysia Prepaid SIM Card Clay Telecom introduces International Prepaid SIM for Malaysia with strongest network coverage throughout Malaysia. The freebies are as per the selected plan which includes Free Incoming Calls, Free Local Talktime & SMS, Free International Calling Minutes and Free Data.
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Mayaysia Prepaid SIM Cards Plans

The plans are starting from Rs. 999/- with attractive benefits. The freebies vary as per the selected plan such as:
  • Free Incoming Calls
  • Free Local Talktime & SMS
  • Free International Calling Minutes
  • Free Data
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Select your Plan
Plan Code
SIM Cost
Local Outgoing
Incoming Calls
Calls to India
SMS Local
SMS International
Free Data
Plan Validity
USSD Codes to Activate the Plan
INR 1199
200 Mins for Local/ CBI
200 Mins for Local/ CBI
Charged @ 0.08 RM
charged @ 0.79
1 GB
30 Days
INR 1999
150 Free
charged @ 0.79
1.5 GB
30 Days
INR 2999
300 Free
charged @ 0.79
2.5 GB
30 Days
Note :- *Service Tax Exclusive

Malaysia Prepaid SIM Cards User Guide


1. Prepaid Registration

Register yourself by sharing a copy of your documents with sales representatives or by uploading your documents online.

To register online
  • Upload your documents and click on submit
  • Once the documents are validated, you would receive an e-mail containing username and password to access your account online
Note: Document validation will take 7 working hours)
Please note that the USSD codes need to be dialed on your arrival to Malaysia in order to activate the desired plan. Clay Telecom will not be responsible for mentioned freebies in the plan if the USSD codes are not followed.

2. Getting Started

  • Break the SIM card from its plastic transit card
  • Insert SIM into your "unlocked" and compatible mobile phone.
  • Switch on your phone.
  • Make your calls

3. Handset Compatibility

  • Carry network unlocked GSM handsets
  • Works with handset having GSM frequency 2G(900/1800) 3G(2100)
  • Clay provides normal SIM cards by default. Smartphone/Tablet users must contact their account manager/Clay representatives in advance to organize a Micro/Nano SIM card for their device.

NOTE:Make sure you set your handset “Band” or “Frequency” selection to “Auto” or that you select the correct frequency for the region you are visiting.

4. Network

Your Clay Malaysia Prepaid SIM Card connects you to the “Friendi” network in Malaysia which gives you excellent coverage across the country.

5. Making calls

Calls to Local Numbers Dial [Area Code] - [Fixed line Number]/
Dial (Mobile Number)
Calls to India 0091 or + 91 & Mobile Number
Calls to USA 001 or + 1 & Mobile Number
To reach to your Malaysia Number +60 (Mobile Number)

6. Text Messages

Your Malaysia Prepaid SIM supports standard text messaging (SMS) for incoming and outgoing messages. To send a text message, follow the usual message procedure.

7. Additional Recharges

Contact you Clay representative/Account Manager.

8. Validity

Your SIM card validity is accourding to your plan.

9. Using Data

APN is autoconfigured and just need to "reset to default for android"and need to"reset network settings for iPhone."
Please try below APN settings to configure manually.
Username and password not required.

10. Help

Clay representatives are available between 9AM and 3AM IST from Monday to Friday to provide support and assistance. Please make a call at +91.11.66470000 or drop an e-mail at or
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