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Track, Scan & Protect your Mobile Devices

In the fast moving world, it has become crucial to safeguard vital information stored in our mobile devices. Hence, Clay brings to you a complete mobile security solution that will protect your device, data and privacy.

Clay Telecom has partnered with Lookout app - a world leader in mobile security, to offer 100% mobile security for iOS and Android devices. We have designed an annual plan that will allow users to track, scan and protect their mobile devices. With only a single premium code, the users can connect their five devices to track location, back-up data, identify malicious threats and much more.

Why do you need a Mobile Security App?

  • Provides Comprehensive Protection From Mobile Threats
  • Back-up Contacts, Call History & Photos Automatically
  • Innovative Features Such As Theft Alerts, Tracking Location Etc.

Key Highlights

  • Track your Lost Phone
  • Receive Theft Alerts
  • Data Back-up & Protection
  • Virus Protection
  • Safe Browsing & Downloading

Over 1 million users are keeping their sensitive information secure from threats and thefts by Lookout App. What about you?

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