1. When I am dialling any number, the call is not connected and displays "Calls Not Allowed"?

For Global Prepaid: This message is displayed in 'Call Back' option. In this case, when you dial the number, the phone is disconnected and you immediately get a call back from the IVR system. You have to follow the IVR instructions to connect the call with the destination number.
For Postpaid: In case of making calls using IP Code (Facility available for Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and S. Korea), this message is displayed due to incorrect dialling instructions. For other countries, kindly escalate the issue to the expert team.

2. Outgoing calls are barred from my number.

Follow the options:
(I) Select the network manually to choose the desired network.
(II) Refer the user guide to view the dialling instructions.
Note: Please remember that country-specific SIM cards don't work on roaming. In case, it catches the network, it would be highly expensive.

3. I am unable to make outgoing calls, but I am receiving incoming calls.

Either your prepaid balance has been exhausted or you have reached your postpaid calling limit. Please contact our customer care.

4. I am unable to receive incoming calls, but can make outgoing calls.

Please ensure that the caller is dialling the correct number to reach your mobile number. You can follow the below options to rectify the problem:
(I) In case your call divert is ON, cancel the call divert option on the phone.
(II) Ensure that your voicemail service is deactivated. If you get an error message that the incoming calls are restricted to your number, then you can contact the expert team.

5. I am unable to receive and make calls.

(I) Kindly check the handset compatibility as per the country of travel as it must be compatible to receive and make calls.
(II) If you are unable to make or receive calls, please check that the handset is receiving signals. You can reinsert the SIM card and select the network manually.
(III) If your phone has full network range, you can test the SIM card on a different handset. If the SIM card works on a different handset, this indicates that the problem is with the handset. However, if the SIM card doesn't work on a different handset, this indicates that the problem is with the SIM card.
(IV) If your phone doesn't have a roaming feature, it would also not work outside the specified country.

6. My SIM card registration has failed.

(I) Prepaid: The SIM card has not been recharged for more than 13 months or has been damaged. It can't be reactivated again.
(II) Postpaid: This happens due to network or handset compatibility issues. You can try using SIM card in a different handset. If the same problem persists, kindly contact the customer care team immediately.

7. My SIM card is not working.

There is a possibility that you are on roaming, in rural area or at low networked areas. Kindly search the network manually. The other scenario would be that the SIM card has not been either activated properly or has been deactivated or damaged. Please contact our Clay customer care.

8. My Global Travel SIM card is asking for PIN number.

The details are mentioned on Clay SIM plastic holder. Please carry the SIM plastic holder during your trip. If you don't have it, you can call our customer care at 0091-011-66470000 to share your details and we will check the same on our database.

9. My SIM card is blocked.

This happens due to insertion of wrong PIN number minimum of 3 times at once. You need to enter your PUK number (available on the SIM plastic holder) once and then use the correct PIN number. The SIM card will again start working. If wrong PUK is entered, the SIM will be damaged permanently and will reflect "SIM Card Rejected".

10. When I am dialling the number, the IVR system says that the dialled number doesn't exist.

The problem might arise due to incorrect dialling procedure or due to incorrect number. Please check the number once again and use correct dialling instructions. Also, you can try different contact number to check the status of your Clay mobile number.


1. My SIM card is not catching network.

If you are unable to receive a network on your phone, you can do a manual search for a network as mentioned in the instruction booklet issued to you and select our partner network of that country.

2. How to select the network manually?

Go to Main Menu Select Settings Choose Phone Settings Click on Network Click on Manual Select the First Option from the list to choose the network.

3. I am facing call drops in between or due to network fluctuation.

(I) If the problem persists, you can use the SIM card at a different location to recheck the network coverage area.
(II) If that is not a problem, then check the SIM card in a different handset to identify whether the problem is with the SIM card or the handset.

4. I have reinserted the SIM card again and tried to select the network manually but unable to do so?

If this is the case, you need to inform the customer support team to help you with further steps.


1. I am unable to insert Clay SIM Card in iPhone.

Please ensure that Clay SIM is compatible with normal/micro/Nano SIM cards. There is a possibility that your iPhone is not compatible for Clay SIM card issued to you. Please note iPhone 4 and above uses either Micro or Nano SIM cards.

2. I am having issues in using my handset. Is my handset compatible with the country of my travel?

Clay SIM cards don't work in network unlocked handsets. Moreover, the compatibility of a handset differs from the country of your travel. Hence, you only use:
(I) 3G enabled handsets while travelling to Italy, UK, Japan and South Korea.
(II) Quad Band handsets while travelling to the American continent.

Other Services

1. How to activate/deactivate the voicemail service?

Please follow the voicemail deactivation procedure provided in the dialling instructions.

2. I am unable to send text messages.

Follow the below steps:
(I) Refresh the message centre number by deleting and retyping the number again and then restart the handset.
(II) Clear the messages struck in the outbox folder
(III) Reset the handset. (Please ensure to keep a back up of all important data before resetting the handset).
If you are unable to receive or send messages to a particular number, you can wait for some time as international messages are delayed sometimes.

3. I am unable to receive text messages.

Kindly check if the inbox message capacity is full. You can delete few messages and try to retrieve the pending messages. If the problem persists, please contact our customer care.

4. How to deactivate call diverts on the phone?

To cancel the call diverts, go to Main Menu Select Settings Select Call Settings Click on Call Diverts/Call Forwarding Cancel Call Diverts.
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