Who We Are

Connectivity Knows No Bounds

Clay Telecom is a dynamic global service provider of wireless telecom solutions with Pan-India presence. We are catering both B2B and B2C market segments with worldwide and country-specific voice and data solutions. Twenty lakh (and growing) happy customers across India swear by our services. They have already said "goodbye" to expensive international call charges!

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the first priority of every international traveller who wants maximum possible savings on roaming charges without compromising on quality. Clay Telecom’s expertise is maintaining a decent balance between mobile needs of a traveller and his/her budget. We customise our extensive range of voice and data plans to make it a cost-effective and efficient mobility solution. We are committed to provide you with hassle-free calling and connectivity experience, regardless of your time zones.

Our Vision

Clay’s vision is to introduce innovative mediums and keep on exploring new possibilities to make communication easier and cost-effective, while travelling abroad. We, therefore, launch cost-efficient voice and data services from time-to-time to cater every market segment. We wish to create a connection with international travellers by identifying their needs and turning them into reality. Our solutions are designed in such a way that they can easily fit in the pocket without burning a hole into it. We want our company to achieve a status of premium service provider offering quality solutions at cost-effective prices.

Our Values

We believe overseas travel should neither constrain your connectivity, nor inflate your expenses. Our perseverance and professionalism to serve our customers with great care remains unchanged since our inception. And we have been building and maintaining sustainable customer relationships by providing them with cost-effective travel plans. We design and deliver customer-centric strategies in such a way that there are no boundaries in their connectivity to make their travelling experience memorable.
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