In the dynamic landscape of education, the demand for online STEM education platforms has surged. For newcomers like Proprep, making a mark amid established giants posed a significant challenge. This case study unveils Clay TechSystems’ partnership with Proprep, illustrating how their collaboration transformed hurdles into opportunities and revolutionized online STEM education.

Problem Statement

Within the dynamic educational sphere, the emergence of new trends has the potential to bring about significant transformations across industries and segments. This transformation is particularly conspicuous within the realm of education, where a plethora of online study tutorials have garnered prominence. Proprep, an emerging online study platform specializing in STEM courses, faced the formidable challenge of distinguishing itself in the face of established market leaders.

Solution Offered

Clay TechSystems emerged as a pivotal player, offering not only testing services but also acting as a guiding force by introducing essential features conspicuously absent in existing online platforms. This partnership empowered Proprep to secure contracts with prestigious universities in both the United Kingdom and the United States, including esteemed institutions such as Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, NYU, and Cambridge. In tandem with manual testing, Clay TechSystems conducted Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, and Sanity Testing throughout each release cycle.

Features Offered

  1. Precise development of Test Cases and Test Suites using the Monday Tool.
  2. Thorough manual execution of Test Cases and Test Suites for every Sprint Release.
  3. In-depth testing, covering Integration, Regression, Smoke, and Sanity Testing.
  4. Utilization of Blazemeter for Performance Testing, guaranteeing the smooth and uninterrupted delivery of video tutorials, even in low-bandwidth scenarios.
  5. Responsive testing on various mobile and tablet browsers, including iOS and Android.
  6. Efficient Bug Reporting is facilitated through the use of the Monday Tool.


  1. Elevated Educational Content Quality: Clay TechSystems introduced cutting-edge features that raised the caliber of educational materials.
  2. Competitive Advantage: Proprep established a competitive edge by securing contracts with esteemed universities in the UK and the US.
  3. Streamlined Testing: Comprehensive testing enhanced the development process, resulting in more efficient resource utilization.
  4. Smooth Operational Performance: Video tutorials operated seamlessly, even in scenarios with limited bandwidth, ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences.
  5. Expanded Mobile Accessibility: A responsive design broadened the platform’s accessibility, accommodating a diverse user demographic.
  6. Efficient Issue Resolution: A streamlined bug reporting process expedited the resolution of issues.
  7. Industry Pioneering: Proprep emerged as a trailblazing STEM education platform, offering tailored study materials that set new industry standards.


Clay TechSystems played a crucial role in not only ensuring the successful launch of Proprep’s applications but also in securing substantial contracts with prestigious universities in both the United Kingdom and the United States, which included renowned institutions like Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, NYU, and Cambridge, among others. Proprep made history by becoming the pioneering online study portal to offer tailor-made study materials for STEM courses. This partnership marked a significant turning point in the realm of online STEM education.