A unified environment for creating and releasing conversational chatbots with no code.

  • Engage – Communicate with site visitors in a proactive manner by using unique chatbot greetings. Use the traffic to your website to your advantage.
  • Nurture – Motivate buyers to buy more by suggesting complementary products or services.
  • Qualify – Get leads automatically generated and qualified. Reduce the length of the sales cycle by instantly sending qualified leads to your sales team.
  • Convert – Allow your consumers to effortlessly make purchases, place orders, and set up appointments using Clay chatbot.

A Pioneer in Conversational Business

WhatsApp Trigger Notifications

Rich media and interactive message templates
  • Rich media and interactive message templates, such as product catalogues, lists, and reply buttons, can improve campaign performance.
  • Send non-transactional messages to re-engage customers and proactive messages to provide fresh discounts and offers, back-in-stock advisories, pending cart notifications, and more.
  • Follow campaign performance metrics like the number of messages sent, delivered, and read.

Increases in conversion rates

Increasing conversion rates through user attention.
  • Increasing conversion rates through user attention.
  • Brands must develop campaigns that appeal to their users’ needs and pique their attention at the appropriate time in order to deliver a greater purchasing experience.
  • To create customised campaigns that generate the maximum engagement, add an additional layer of personalization based on user information and previous user behaviour.
  • Customers can respond to such efforts and make impulsive purchases that increase conversions by enabling two-way contact.

Personalised Buying Advice

Provide advice and buying ideas to assist customers
  • Don’t limit your website to just having a “search” button; instead, use Conversational Commerce to help consumers find the right products more quickly. By asking the appropriate questions in the most natural and non-intrusive way possible, ClayTech Chatbot’s Conversational Commerce chatbot learns about user needs and preferences.
  • Share individualised advice based on your preferences for text, colour, and more.
  • Provide advice and buying ideas to assist customers in making the best decision.
  • Show user-verified testimonials to support purchasing decisions.

Boost Average Order Value

Timely and pertinent addition
  • To raise average cart value and foster customer satisfaction, use purchase history and previous user reviews to propose the appropriate add-ons at the appropriate moment.
  • Contextual suggestions based on previous purchases and user feedback
  • Timely and pertinent addition
  • encourage repeat business and greater client loyalty

Use WhatsApp Commerce to accelerate transactions.

Brands can communicate with every consumer
  • With the help of ClayTech Bot WhatsApp chatbot, businesses can effortlessly sell goods on WhatsApp thanks to a full e-commerce solution.
  • Brands can communicate with every consumer on WhatsApp using our chatbot and offer them individualised advice and product recommendations.
  • The WhatsApp Chatbot accurately spots possibilities to up-sell and cross-sell the right products during the chat.
  • A customer can see the products, put them in their shopping basket, and then check out.

Integrate your current CX tools and use them to power complete customer journeys.

We offer low-code out of the box connections
  • We offer low-code out of the box connections to seamlessly link your bot within your existing CX ecosystem, whether it be your CRM, ticketing system, live agent software, or a custom CX solution.
  • Utilize live agent chat connections like Zendesk Sunshine Conversations, Freshdesk, Salesforce, and others to escalate conversations from AI to agents.
  • Ticket sync automatically with your CRM systems, such as Zoho, Zendesk, and Salesforce
  • Utilizing CMS like Shopify, Magento, etc. customer data integrations, hyper-personalize discussions.