In the bustling pace of our contemporary world, keeping oneself informed has transitioned from a mere choice to an imperative. While an array of news applications graces the digital landscape, only a handful truly encapsulate a wide spectrum of news genres, spanning finance, entertainment, business, stocks, and corporate bonds. CityFalcon, with an astute understanding of the surging demand, embarked on a mission to introduce AI-powered intelligence tailored for the dynamic dimensions of business and financial markets. In this case study, we uncover the pivotal role played by Clay TechSystems in breathing life into CityFalcon’s visionary project.

Problem Statement

In a world drowning in data, CityFalcon set out to present a distinctive solution by harnessing AI-powered intelligence to cater to the ever-evolving realms of business and financial markets. The core challenge was to engineer a platform capable of delivering real-time updates across an extensive spectrum of topics, all while upholding peak performance and unwavering reliability.

Solution Offered

Clay TechSystems emerged as the chosen solution provider, presenting an extensive suite of testing services to CityFalcon. These services encompassed meticulous manual testing and responsive testing, thoughtfully crafted to embrace the diversity of devices characterized by an array of screen dimensions. These ranged from compact mobile screens to the expansive, high-resolution displays, such as WUXGA and WQHD, that adorn modern desktops. To ensure the authenticity and accuracy of data, the duo conducted API testing with precision facilitated by Swagger.

Features Offered

  1. Methodical creation and proficient management of test cases and test suites, all seamlessly coordinated through the Jira platform.
  2. Thorough manual execution of test cases and test suites for each Sprint release, ensuring a comprehensive examination.
  3. Rigorous testing, spanning integration, regression, smoke, and sanity assessments, fostering a robust evaluation.
  4. Profound API testing, powered by Swagger, to assure data integrity and authenticity.
  5. Responsive testing, which adeptly adjusted to accommodate the multifaceted array of screen sizes, all enabled with seamless support from Browserstack.
  6. A meticulous evaluation of CityFalcon’s proprietary client portal, eToro, which seamlessly tailored the experience.


  1. Elevated User Experience: The responsive testing ensured a seamless experience for users, regardless of the device they employed.
  2. Dependable Data: The rigorous Swagger-driven API testing guaranteed not only the precision but also the reliability and currency of the data, amplifying the application’s authenticity.
  3. Customized Client Portal: The efficient testing of CityFalcon’s custom client portal, eToro, underscored Clay TechSystems’ capacity to cater to individual needs and configurations.
  4. Punctual Sprint Releases: Streamlined testing processes culminated in the timely delivery of each Sprint release, empowering CityFalcon to furnish regular updates across a rich spectrum of topics.
  5. Uninterrupted Support: The collaboration remains steadfast, with Clay TechSystems continuing to supply unwavering services to CityFalcon.


The collaboration between Clay TechSystems and CityFalcon not only ensured the efficient and reliable functioning of the application but also underscored the potential for innovation and collaboration in delivering comprehensive financial news to users worldwide.