As the United States experienced the rise of a thriving industry, the necessity for a robust system to securely manage and share industrial documents, spanning both the food and non-food sectors, came into sharp focus. This case study unveils the pivotal role played by Clay TechSystems in meeting this demand. The core challenge revolved around ensuring that the application, designed for the management and sharing of these documents, not only upheld rigorous security but also offered accessibility exclusively to authorized individuals and entities.

Problem Statement

With the industry’s rapid expansion, the call for an efficient system to securely oversee and disseminate industrial documents among business entities and third-party auditors surged to the forefront. The principal challenge lay in conducting meticulous testing of the application to ensure the secure and accessible exchange of documents, with exclusive access granted solely to authenticated individuals and entities.

Solution Offered

Clay TechSystems took the lead in presenting a comprehensive testing solution tailored to the desktop application developed within CRM Salesforce. The application underwent meticulous testing across a spectrum of environments, encompassing Development, Testing, Staging, and Production environments. Testing in the Production environment posed a distinctive challenge, given the application’s role in serving prominent customers such as Coca Cola, Hamleys, Hasbro, Walmart, Costco, and Raley’s. The testing spectrum extended to API testing, utilizing REST APIs, which spanned both manual and automated testing, with the automation facet executed through Selenium Web Driver.

Features Offered

  1. Crafting of test cases and test suites, effectively managed within the Jira framework.
  2. Diligent manual execution of test cases and test suites for Sprint releases.
  3. Thorough smoke testing and sanity testing, ensuring comprehensive validation.
  4. In-depth API testing, leveraging REST for rigorous assessment.
  5. Proficient automated testing through Selenium Web Driver.
  6. Comprehensive testing of individual customer portal releases.
  7. Efficient utilization of the Jira project management tool.


  1. Elevated Security: The stringent testing regime ensured the application’s security, guaranteeing that only authenticated individuals and entities could access the documents.
  2. Seamless Integration: The application smoothly integrated into iCix’s operational environment without causing any disruptions to live customer operations, including Coca Cola, Hamleys, Hasbro, Walmart, Costco, and Raley’s.
  3. Efficient Testing: Clay TechSystems adeptly managed multiple Sprint releases, ensuring each version underwent thorough testing and seamless integration.
  4. Automation Advancements: The synchronization of automation scripts with updated application versions amplified the efficiency of the testing process.
  5. Data Integrity: Testing within the Production environment was carried out without compromising the integrity of live customer data hosted on the application.


The collaboration between Clay TechSystems and iCix not only effectively addressed the critical requirement for secure document management but also underscored the potential for innovative solutions and strategic partnerships in fostering the growth of emerging industries.