Problem Statement

Shahnaz Hussain, a leading international beauty brand, was facing challenges with its existing eCommerce platform for selling makeup and cosmetics products. The website was difficult to navigate, took a long time to load content, and had limited options for setting up campaigns. The client was looking for a flexible and efficient eCommerce platform to support its aggressive revenue goals for domestic and international markets.

Solution Offered

Clay TechSystems partnered with Shahnaz Hussain to create an online engaging customer experience to sell makeup and cosmetics products using the Magento Commerce Cloud platform. The team leveraged the features of Magento and optimized the code to reduce page load times, improve site performance, and create a seamless customer experience.


  • Quick time to market without compromising on features
  • Stunning product photography and visual design
  • Improved site performance and faster page load times
  • Streamlined site structure and navigation
  • Elevated web experience with seamless checkout process
  • Increased B2B efficiency and productivity
  • Improved customer confidence with user ratings and reviews
  • Boosted average order value with category-specific filters.


In conclusion, Shahnaz Hussain’s partnership with Clay TechSystems has resulted in a successful rebranding of its online makeup and cosmetics store, providing a new and improved customer experience. The use of Magento Commerce Cloud has allowed the client to achieve its aggressive revenue goals, and the diligence and communication of the Clay TechSystems team has made the project a success.