Clay TechSystems, a leading technology solutions provider, was approached by the Dubai based government agency RTA to solve a problem with their offline approval process. RTA was looking for a way to manage their approval process within the system and ensure that only approved content was visible to end-users.


Clay TechSystems offered a solution to address RTA’s problem. They provided a system where the approval workflow process was in place and only approved content would be published. This solution included a change request process that was separately handled within the system.

Features Offered

  • The approval workflow process was streamlined and efficient, reducing the time taken to approve content.
  • The change request process was clearly defined and easy to use, allowing for quick and effective updates to the approved content.
  • End-users only had access to approved content, ensuring that the information displayed was accurate and up-to-date.


Clay TechSystems provided a comprehensive solution to RTA’s problem, delivering real benefits to the agency and end-users. The streamlined approval process and change request system ensured that only approved content was visible, improving the accuracy and credibility of the information displayed to the public.

Client Name : RTA, Dubai