Aldar Properties, a prominent real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), faced a critical challenge involving the migration of ARIS Connect from an on-premises setup to ARIS Software as a Service (SAAS) while also requiring SAML configuration. This migration and configuration process presented several complexities, including the need for a planned tenant backup, data restoration on ARIS SAAS, and the implementation of B2B SAML configuration in ARIS.


Recognizing the unique requirements and challenges faced by Aldar Properties, Clay TechSystems, a leading tech firm, provided a comprehensive solution to facilitate the ARIS Connect migration. The project commenced with a detailed analysis of Aldar Properties’ existing infrastructure, ensuring a thorough understanding of the ARIS Connect setup and data dependencies. Clay TechSystems then proceeded with the following steps:

  • Planned Tenant Backup and Restoration: Clay TechSystems meticulously planned and executed a tenant backup of the existing ARIS Connect system hosted on-premises. This ensured the preservation of crucial data and configurations during the migration process. Subsequently, they restored the selected data and configurations onto the ARIS SAAS platform, ensuring a seamless transition to the new environment.
  • Solution for B2B SAML Configuration: Clay TechSystems provided a comprehensive solution for the implementation of B2B Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) configuration in ARIS. This configuration allowed multiple domain users to connect to the ARIS cloud, ensuring secure and efficient collaboration between stakeholders.


The solution provided by Clay TechSystems brought several significant benefits to Aldar Properties, enhancing user connectivity, data security, and operational efficiency throughout the ARIS Connect migration process.

    • Multiple Domain Users Connect to ARIS Cloud: Through the B2B SAML configuration implemented by Clay TechSystems, Aldar Properties gained the ability to connect multiple domain users to the ARIS cloud. This ensured seamless collaboration between different stakeholders, fostering efficient communication and enabling real-time sharing of data and insights. The B2B SAML configuration enhanced user connectivity and improved cross-domain collaboration within the organization.
    • Planned Tenant Backup and Data Restoration: Clay TechSystems successfully executed a planned tenant backup of the existing on-premises ARIS Connect system. This backup, along with the meticulous restoration of selected data and configurations onto the ARIS SAAS platform, ensured the preservation and seamless transfer of crucial information. By safeguarding data integrity and minimizing disruptions during the migration process, Aldar Properties experienced a smooth transition to the ARIS SAAS environment.


Clay TechSystems effectively addressed the challenges faced by Aldar Properties in migrating ARIS Connect from an on-premises setup to ARIS SAAS, along with the implementation of B2B SAML configuration. Through meticulous planning, tenant backup, data restoration, and B2B SAML configuration, Clay TechSystems provided a seamless and secure transition for Aldar Properties. The solution resulted in multiple domain users being able to connect to the ARIS cloud, fostering collaboration and improving operational efficiency. Additionally, the planned tenant backup and data restoration ensured the preservation of critical information throughout the migration process. With Clay TechSystems as their trusted partner, Aldar Properties successfully embraced the benefits of the ARIS SAAS platform, driving innovation and achieving their business objectives.


Client Name : Aldar Properties